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Kid City BASIC

BASIC is an alternative to traditional Sunday School where children are encouraged to memorize Bible verses and are rewarded for doing so.  Any child that attends the Life Group hour (10:00-11:00am) on Sundays will be automatically enrolled in BASIC and will spend time reciting verses and making crafts.

Though the program runs on Sundays, most of the work happens at home during the week.  Your children will need your help and encouragement to learn the verses at home and come to BASIC prepared to recite them.  From time to time we will open a toy store for the kids to go shopping with the Kid City bucks they earn from reciting verses, bringing their Bibles and inviting friends to church.

Children from Kid City Jr. and Kid City will be placed in camps based on their age/grade where they will be given age appropriate versions of Bible verses to memorize.  Click here to visit the download page.