Welcome to the Kid City BASIC download page.  Please find the age group below that best fits your child/children and click the corresponding CAMP COLOR to download a file of memorization sheets in .pdf format (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader on PC's).

Please note that memorization must be completed in the proper order for credit.  Start with little "a" then move to large "A" then to little "b" and so on.

Each time your child memorizes all of the verses on a sheet, they will earn that letter. Records are kept at the church building. If your child does not remember what letter/sheet they are working on, please check with the BASIC Staff on Sunday or Wednesday or email Josiah Fuller at fuller_josiah@michurch.org.

This program is designed for parents to work with their children memorizing verses together throughout the week.  Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to instill discipline and value as we partner together to build in your child, a solid foundation in God's Word.

RED CAMP - 3 through 4 years old

ORANGE CAMP - 5 years old to Kindergarten

YELLOW CAMP - 1st through 2nd Grade

GREEN CAMP - 3rd through 4th Grade

BLUE CAMP - 5th through 6th Grade

EXTRA CREDIT Memorization (All Camps)